PeopleShare’s Affiliations

PeopleShare’s Affiliations

PeopleShare is affiliated with several professional networks such as local Chambers of Commerce, the American Staffing Association (ASA), Mid-Atlantic Employers’ Association (MEA), and the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM). SHRM is a valuable organization to employers and professionals in the Human Resources field. Due in part to our relationship with SHRM, we are able to provide a true and knowledgeable HR partnership to our clients as well as better serve our employees.

There are many benefits reaped from a SHRM membership, especially when affiliated with a local chapter. These include:

  • SHRM Online – An easy to navigate site with: specialized information for specific HR disciplines can be located, an advanced search engine, job bulletin board, surveys, sample forms and templates, a toolkit database, free informative and interactive webcasts, and a multitude of discussion boards.

  • Professional Development – In addition to the knowledge gained informally through networking, research, and presentations, SHRM also offers a structured certification program for HR professionals. The PHR/SPHR/GPHR program is regulated through the HRCI institute and provides professional certification for individuals in the HR field. Several of PeopleShare’s employees are PHR Certified and they offer a tremendous amount of knowledge to their interactions with our clients. The program can be completed in self-study, online, corporate, or classroom settings and culminates in a pass/fail examination. For those professionals who are already certified or do not wish to be certified, there are other professional development tools at your disposal: over 100 online mini-courses, several annual conferences, a multitude of HR seminars, and a toolkit used to develop and assess HR competencies.

  • Local Chapter Membership – While being a member of SHRM is not required to join a chapter, the two compliment one another. The obvious benefit to joining a chapter is the networking that results in valuable relationship building. Local chapters offer scholarships for the PHR/SPHR programs, provide a venue for monthly speaker presentations (many which are accredited by the Human Resource Certification Institute – HRCI), and host networking events on a regular basis.

  • Regular Legislature Updates (as it applies to employment law) – Does ever-changing employment law overwhelm you? When new updates are made (such as minimum wage requirements, ADA updates, unemployment, medical coverage, etc), SHRM will send an email that clearly defines the new changes.

  • SHRM Connect – A member-only social network and directory. As a SHRM member, you can search other members by name, company, location, function, etc. This can be a valuable networking tool.

As a company, PeopleShare is actively involved with SHRM and finds great value in this affiliation. If you are interested in learning more about SHRM or would like to join a local chapter, we invite you to contact the Greater Pottstown SHRM – visit the chapter’s website at

Disclaimer: The opinions in this article are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of SHRM, nor was this endorsed by the organization.

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