Quick Tips on Summer Jobs

Quick Tips on Summer Jobs

When you think of a summer job, most people think of high school or college students looking for something temporary. However, there are positions geared towards individuals of all experience levels which allow anyone to gain valuable insight and experience!

More than 65% of employers actually consider summer employees for longer term or full time positions. A summer job may be the best way to “test the waters” in a particular industry or company without full commitment on your part! Most summer jobs are more flexible and can accommodate less hoursor alternative schedules. What you can gain is invaluable experience, a potential reference, referral or job offer! It is a great opportunity to improve your skills and increase your network!


  • Be Proactive – anticipating what is needed or offering to help allows more involvement and the ability to get noticed
  • Be Honest – determine your interest in staying on longer and communicate ahead of time to discuss options
  • Be Open – Always ask questions to learn more about the organization and to expand your network


  • Build your experience
  • Enhance your skills
  • Try and industry or skilled position
  • Possibility of going on full time
  • Gather references/recommendations
  • Increase your network

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