How to Keep Employees Engaged During the Summer Months

How to Keep Employees Engaged During the Summer Months

With the kids out of school and sunshine in the forecast, some employees may have a difficult time staying focused on the work at hand when thoughts of vacation are beckoning. Here are six tips to keep your team motivated during the peak of the summer:

  • Engage Employees in Friendly Competition:

    By doing so, you will not only energize your team but you’ll make a positive impact on your bottom line as well. Hold contests to see who can complete the most tasks, make the most sales, or get the most positive customer feedback. Reward the winners with perks like a ‘free’ Friday off or tickets to a baseball game or festival.

  • Make the Environment Fun:

    While this shouldn’t be every day (or week or month), set aside some time for a bit of relaxation. Be it a company-wide picnic in the parking lot, an all-expenses paid visit from an ice cream truck, or a team-building day at the park, these events can boost morale and give employees a ‘taste’ of R&R to get them back on track and focused.

  • Offer Flexibility:

    One popular way to improve morale and focus during the summer months is to adjust work hours. If it makes sense for your company, consider letting individuals come in later or leaving earlier, or even start the weekend sooner by cutting Friday hours. If you have a telecommuting policy in place, consider letting trusted employees work from home for a portion of the week.

  • Keep Employees Up to Date:

    When you know what is expected, you are better prepared for success. Remind your employees of the company goals. This will ensure everyone is on the same page and working towards the same objectives.

  • Encourage Casual Dress Days: 

    Even in a corporate environment, consider having company-wide casual days where sandals and blue jeans are permitted in place of dress shoes and slacks.

  • Provide Positive Reinforcement:

    If all else fails, don’t overlook the value of positive feedback on your employees’ recent successes. Something as simple as a ‘Thank You’ card or a $10 gift card to the local coffee shop can do wonders for an employee’s morale.  This will give them the edge to focus on completing the projects at hand.

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