Giving Back

Giving Back

Running a successful business is a great way to improve the lives of the employees that work for the firm, the individuals they place (in the case of PeopleShare), the clients they service in the communities in which they operate.  Experiencing success and giving back to the communities in which we work and live is the best way to allow everyone to benefit!

It takes is just a little bit of creativity and effort for a plan to be put in place!  As the holidays are quickly approaching why not think of creative ways to give back and make a difference.

While getting a return on doing the right thing is not the main focus of the investment in time and money, typically businesses will benefit from the exposure and goodwill that is generates as a result of the activities while benefitting those who live in the community.

  1. Donate what your organization cannot use:

Every business has unused or unwanted equipment, furniture, supplies, and/or products.  Think about how you can offer the value to someone else in your community by donating what you cannot use.

People in need obviously benefit, but so do your employees, because most people genuinely appreciate the opportunity to make a difference.


  1. Teach others so they can help themselves:

The best way to make a long-term impact is to help people help themselves.  Your organization can teach someone a trick or trade which may be second nature to your team; in our case, writing a resume or interviewing tips.  Anything your organization can offer to help a charity, or the people it serves, will make a difference!

Volunteer your time and encourage your team to volunteer their time and services whether it is during working hours or on their personal time.  Giving should be voluntary, not mandatory.


  1. Fundraise as a team:

You don’t have to spend a ton of money from your own pocket.  Generating awareness through a fundraiser and being more specific about the cause, the more likely people are willing to participate.  Being part of a fundraiser that is already established or creating your own is all part of the fun!  The more creative the better—and the more likely you will be to inspire others to give.

Plus there is an internal benefit:  In the process you will create a sense of community and pride within your team while encouraging team work and bonding with one another.

  1. Create a win-win partnership.

Any business can offer a donation towards a cause and even offer clients to donate as well!  The key is to make a winning partnership.  That way you not only raise money, you naturally help raise awareness for the case and the organization’s profile as well.

Giving your customers an easy way to make a difference is something customers genuinely appreciate.


  1. Use your platform as a business leader to draw attention to a cause.

Most organizations enjoy creating connections to local business owners and community leaders.

You can do the same:   Offer personal experiences, testimonials, speak at an event, share why you feel the cause is important. If you aren’t sure how to help, just call your favorite organization and say, “How can I help you get the word out about the great things your organization does?”

The person you call will definitely have ideas—and they will love the fact that a local organization came to them with an offer to help.

What will your organization do to fill the holiday season with Joy?


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