Whether you are looking for a new job, sharpening your interview skills or taking full advantage of your new hybrid/work from home schedule, we have the spot for you! These Center City coffee shops are an essential tool in today’s new working environment.

Here are 5 coffee shops around Philly that you should try!

  1. Saxby’s

With many locations throughout the city, Saxby’s is a great option no matter where you are in Philly. Not only do they have an extensive coffee and tea menu, but they also have a great food menu. More than bagels and pastries, Saxby’s has breakfast sandwiches, toasts, grilled cheeses and more. An excellent spot to spend your day out of the house while getting work done!

  1. OCF

Can’t decide if you want coffee, a smoothie, or a breakfast sandwich? OCF has you covered. A large menu and ample seating make this a great spot for job seekers. It is the perfect blend of quiet yet active, social spot.



  1. Good Karma

Another great option for a full day of applying to jobs. They have breakfast and lunch foods, which makes Good Karma the perfect place to spend your day. Plus, every few months they release a new seasonal drink menu, so make sure to add this to your Google calendar!

  1. Ultimo

If you love delicious coffee and pastries – Ultimo is for you. Providing the quintessential corner coffee shop feel, Ultimo is great for those who need a quaint and quiet environment. You’ll be surprised at how much you can get done in a few hours here!


  1. La Colombe

A Philly staple. La Colombe locations have plenty of seating, as well as a great array of coffee drinks and pastries. Stop by for a draft latte, almond croissant and start sending your resume out.



The working environment may have changed with hybrid and work from home schedules, but the city and coffee shops are the same. They offer a unique environment, some quiet, some with more of a hustle and bustle atmosphere, both giving you the social aspect you need in today’s society. Be sure to try out these Philly coffee shops and share it with your friends/co-workers.