Ghosting & The Job Search

What it is: Ghosting is a term used to describe the situation when a candidate or a company goes silent or drops communication. While companies not responding to applications or follow up interviews has long been part of the job search process, in today’s low-unemployment market, it’s the candidates that do the ghosting- much to the dismay of companies trying to hire.

Why do job seekers ghost? Many reasons, including competing job offers, lack of interest in the role or benefits, or even feedback they’ve received about the company or culture (see: online reviews).

Candidates- recent studies have shown that up to 94% of candidates have ghosted during a job search- but once you do, you’ve burned a bridge- and you don’t know when you may cross paths with that hiring manager or company again. Simply take the high road and explain that you are no longer interested in the opportunity but graciously thank the hiring manager for their time and consideration. Leaving on a pleasant note is always a career WIN!

Companies can take a note from candidates and remember to keep the lines of communication open- if you are no longer interested in the job seeker, have the respect to answer them honestly when they ask- even if it’s just to say you’ve gone with another candidate. If your candidate calls to decline or tell you they are no longer interested in the role, ask them why! Understanding the underlying reasons why you’re missing out on great candidates is the first step in gaining the best candidates for your positions.

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“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” —Albert Einstein

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