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Ways to Promote Team Engagement Virtually

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

November 4 , 2021

While the world remains mainly virtual, only seeing our teams through a computer screen can get repetitive, tiring and even lonely. We are lacking the collaboration and in-person engagement we once had when regularly going into the office. It is more important than ever to get creative and keep your teams working together and engaged. Below are some fun ideas to add into your next team meeting to keep the team spirit alive!


1. Themed Day

Creating a themed meeting for your team will provide a fun and interesting way to bond and get to know each other better. Try some of these themes at your next meeting:

  • “Rockstar Day” to highlight a team member who has been exceeding goals

  • Sports/Jersey Day” to show off favorite sports teams

  • Show and Tell” bring your most unique and interesting items from around your home.

Theme days are fun, nostalgic, and a creative way to promote team building and engagement. There are certain things that may not come up in regular day-to-day conversation and theme days spark conversation about different interests and hobbies.

2. Team Contest

Nothing like a little competition to bring a team together. Costume contests, holiday cookie decorating, and trivia competitions are seen more as an in-person activity. With some creativity, they’re something that can be done from the comfort of an employee’s home. Contests can be shaped for any time of year or holiday.

Don’t forget to include prizes! Your team would enjoy a local coffee shop gift card, DoorDash for an at home lunch, let the winner choose a team lunch, or the next contest! This is an easy way to shake up any morning meeting or Friday afternoon.

3. Book Club A quarterly or monthly book club is a great way to promote work-life balance. Reading and other hobbies are often pushed to the back burner when life gets busy. By holding each other accountable with a book club, not only is your team coming together to talk about things other than work, but they’re also taking some time for themselves outside of work. Have different team members choose a book on a rotating basis or take a poll before the next book club. Either way, this will encourage engagement in and out of the office. 4. Sharing Articles

Relevant industry or workplace articles are extremely beneficial on several levels. Not only is it important for employees to stay up to date on what’s going on in their industry, but these articles are content they can share with clients and colleagues on social media. This continues to position your team as industry experts! Assign someone with the task of bringing an article to your meetings and then have an open team discussion.

Virtual work, whether 100% or hybrid, is not going anywhere anytime soon. Keeping morale high is key to a successful team. Continue to get creative and find new and exciting ways to shake up your regular meetings!


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