The Future of Remote Work

by | Jun 23, 2021

A woman sitting on her couch with her laptop working from home

What will the future working world look like?

We surveyed over 1000 professionals from businesses we partner with, and before Covid-19, more than 93% reported that less than a   of their entire workforce was remote. However, when the stay-at-home mandates occurred and businesses had to adapt to new working environments, those same partners now report that 73% of their workforce is remote.

For many, it was easier than expected. Some businesses found remote working attracted a different talent pool that was previously untapped. Others saw an increase in productivity when employees were self-managing their time for project-based work. In response to the question – what has changed for your business by adopting a remote working environment? We found there were commonalties in the answers:

  • Implementation of more technology
  • Fewer distractions leading to more productivity
  • Better work-life balance

Businesses also explored the use of AI and asynchronous communications to help increase productivity and workflows. Some used contingent workforce solutions such as staffing agencies to streamline operations, reduce time, and ultimately hire the right talent for their organization. Our partners reported a 20% increase in the use of a staffing agency for their hiring needs throughout the pandemic, mainly because of:


  • Increased production at manufacturing plants
  • Deemed as a necessary business to help support pandemic efforts

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