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Diversity in Action: PeopleShare’s Numbers Speak Volumes

PeopleShare Marketing

Jan 16, 2024

In the world of staffing agencies, PeopleShare employs a much richer tapestry of ethnicity, gender, and background than the staffing industry as a whole. Glassdoor, an independent jobs platform, recently reported on diversity among staffing company employees. The report is based on data voluntarily supplied by employees who use the platform.

PeopleShare is an employment agency specializing in contract, temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct-hire staffing. Founded in 2005 by David Donald and Ryan Clark, the company has evolved from a two-person start-up to a powerhouse with 40 offices across eight states.

Unlike many organizations that boast about their dedication to diversity through official statements, PeopleShare's diverse workforce is the result of evaluating candidates solely on their job qualifications, not their demographics. Rather than treating inclusion as a checkbox to be ticked off, PeopleShare remains committed to its unique recruiting process and fair hiring practices, resulting in an organically diverse workforce, as proven by the Glassdoor data.

Race and Ethnicity:

The staffing industry overall faces challenges in racial and ethnic representation compared to the general population. Hispanics account for only 8% of corporate staffing employees, compared to 17.3% of the overall population. Similarly, Black workers make up 4.8% of corporate staffing employees versus 12.3% of the overall population (Source: American Staffing Association).

PeopleShare employees, however, represent a much more diverse population:

  • Asian: 4%

  • Black or African American: 39%

  • Hispanic or Latinx: 12%

  • White: 48%


Ensuring equal gender representation in the workforce is not just a matter of fairness; it's a strategic imperative for companies aiming to thrive in a diverse and dynamic world. Beyond legal and ethical obligations, embracing diversity – including transgender and non-binary individuals – contributes to a more innovative, socially responsible, and competitive workplace. Companies that prioritize inclusivity are better equipped to navigate change, foster creativity, and build positive reputations in an interconnected global landscape.

Harvard Business Review, in a recent paper based on A Pew Research Center survey found that 1.6% of U.S. adults identify as transgender or nonbinary. Here is how people employed by PeopleShare identify themselves:

  • Men: 40%

  • Transgender and/or Non-Binary: 3%

  • Women: 49%


Sexual Orientation:

LGBTQ+ individuals contribute across all sectors, constituting 5.9% of employees in both private and public sectors (Source: Public and Private Sector Employees’ Perceptions of Discrimination Against LGBTQ People). At PeopleShare, LGBTQ+ individuals make up a larger percentage of the whole employee base, a testament to the company’s commitment to inclusion.

  • Heterosexual: 83%

  • LGBTQ+: 13%


Expanding the Narrative:

PeopleShare's diverse workforce is not just reflected in numbers but in the vibrant stories of individuals from various backgrounds contributing to the company’s success. PeopleShare’s overall rating of 4.7 out of 5, based on more than 3,500 reviews on Glassdoor, is a tribute to the positive impact of its inclusive culture.

PeopleShare’s commitment to inclusion goes beyond rhetoric; it is embedded in the company’s hiring practices and employee culture. The company’s diverse workforce is a testament to this, with every percentage representing real individuals contributing their unique perspectives and talents. In an era where diversity needs to go beyond a checkbox to be a driving force for innovation, PeopleShare stands as a shining example.

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