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Testing & Training 

Being successful in today’s job market requires several key components.

Helps You Succeed

PeopleShare can help you be a successful and marketable candidate with our specialized programs.


Computer Skills
Assessment & Training

All office candidates take our computer assessment to test for proficiency in various software packages, data entry, and other specialized skills.


Software training is also offered through computer-based tutorials if a candidate needs to brush up on skills or start the process of learning a new skill.

Performance Testing

Industrial candidates will be evaluated on industrial and mechanical skills to gauge their ability and performance.


Preparation And Job Orientation

Every candidate is given an interview preparation before going on a client interview. This helps you, the candidate, excel in the interview process!


In addition, our staffing professionals go over a client/job orientation after you have aced the interview and secured the position. Again, this help you on your road to career success!

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