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4 Ways to Tell Your Team 'Thank You'

Tis the season to celebrate with your friends and family. Getting together with food, drinks, games and gifts is a a tried-and-true way to show those important to you that you appreciate them. When it comes to the office, showing your team you're thankful for all they do can be more challenging. There are some creative ways to show your appreciation for your team beyond a standard bonus or lunch (which are always appreciated). Here are four ways you can show your team how much they mean to you:

  1. Team Cooking Class A catered team lunch or dinner is always fun, but getting everyone together outside of the office to cook a meal together is even more fun! Cooking together is a great way to interact with people differently from your usual day-to-day routines. You'll get to see a different side of your team. After all the fun of cooking, you'll get to sit and enjoy a delicious meal together. It means even more since you worked together to prepare it.

  2. Free Day Off Sometimes, a financial bonus is not possible for your whole team. When that's not in the cards, providing your team with an additional bonus day off that does not take away from their PTO is appreciated. Any extra time you can give back during the holiday season means a lot. Give everyone the same day off or let them choose an additional day – whatever works best for the team as a whole.

  3. Family Fun Day A big part of the holidays involves spending time with family. In the office, we tend to learn a lot about our co-workers family, but rarely get the opportunity to meet them. Have your team invite their family to a fun day full of holiday activities. Decorate cookies, do a relay race, play games together – anything that will get your families together and having fun!

  4. A Small Gift It's easy to get a gift card or corporate gift for your team. Sometimes it's worth taking an extra step and getting each member of your team a gift you know they will enjoy. By giving something personal, your team will see that you're not only interested in all parts of their lives, but you actually listen and remembered. It doesn't have to be expensive, just something that shows you care about them and their interests.

Although it's important to show your team appreciation each and every day, doing something a little extra special around the holidays will mean a lot. It doesn't have to be anything extreme; sometimes the smallest gestures mean the most. PeopleShare wishes you, your family and your team a happy holiday season!


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