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Recruiters Are Your Magicians

Long gone are the days where you can post a job description out there and think that your next superstar is going to walk through the front door. If you were looking for a diamond, you are not going to find one just anywhere. You have to understand the cut, the shape, the quality, the clarity. You are making a huge investment so it's worth the search! I mean, after all, you don't find hidden gems laying in plain sight. They are not visible to the world. It takes a specific eye to catch the full spectrum and to hone in on your top performers.

Traditional job boards work occasionally, but they can't be the only weapon arsenal. You need a creature of many talents to find this rare breed! Perfect candidates may come in all shapes and colors, but one thing that unites them is they can't be easily bought especially the kind that can fly and have wings. They know that they are in high demand and aren't going to just settle. They are not only talented but, they are extremely skilled with confidence.

So where would you find this kind of expert, genius, with this type of inherent mental or physical power to perform in your organization? You need one of those optimized extraterrestrial beings who can juggle multiple task at once with eyes and ears made for active listening AKA a Recruiter, a Talent Acquisitionist, a TA Therapist, a Magician, a Head Hunter, Recruiter Sourcer. They are armed like a dictionary full of words, keywords, Boolean strings, with a private investigators eye. They can hunt, herd, and build pipelines full of talent building multiple relationships at once. A contractor of coordination, innovation, creativity, and craft. They can connect people who would have otherwise never crossed paths.

They are the liaison of feedback and follow up in fast-paced environments with critical thinking hardhats. They change lives, livelihoods, family time, work life harmony, careers. They coach, nurture, and give transparency to a fault. They proactively approach the unknown and can take whatever is thrown at them! They are resilient, made with ambition, confidence, integrity, and drive! They solve problems and look for solutions during disappointments and set backs. They are opportunist who can take a rejection and turn it into a victory! They know how important time is and never waste a moment of it. They are the foundation of your performers and the trajectory of your corporation. They drive results with strategic faculties in place to reserve top talent to grow your company! With the energy and passion in their hearts they are amongst the most crucial and vital part of your business!


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